Audlem & District Amenities Society
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In order to raise funds to support ADAS activities such as planting and the Big Switch On we conduct an envelope drop in the Audlem district requesting subscriptions from residents to join ADAS each year.

Residents can return as much as they would like to, however, a minimum of £2 will give the resident an ADAS membership and entitlement to vote at AGM meetings.

By giving consent for Gift-Aid, the resident enables us to claim an extra 25% of their donation from HMRC.

All money raised is used by ADAS to benefit the village.

Donations can be made by clicking on Charities Aid Foundation or given to any committee member.

During 2019 ADAS our spending included:

  • Summer planting schemes, which after a donation of £1000 from the Parish Council costs ADAS around £2000
  • Winter planting of pansies and tulips, hyacinths and crocus bulbs costs around £800
  • Funding the Big Switch On, which after a donation from the Parish Council costs ADAS around £800 subject to how many tree lights have to be replaced.
  • We are also gradually replacing lights in large trees at the entrance to the village and this year replaced the lights at the end of Windmill drive at a cost of around £280
  • We have an ongoing flower tub replacement programme. As the existing tubs become unusable normally because the bottoms rot, we are replacing them with plastic ones which looks as much like oak tubs as possible, but don't rot. We have already replaced 19 tubs and expect to spend £240 each year which buys 6 tubs.
  • we will spend £200 to replace shrubs in the permanent flower beds due to dieback during 2018
  • £300 to fund the school growing competition which aims to increase children's interest in growing plants
  • we have now spent £550 building the raised flower beds outside the Charity shop. This will improve the look of this area and hide the ugly wire mesh fence.
  • We also have the ADAS annual costs of around £550 for Public liability insurance, entering North West in Bloom and our AGM.

Other projects for this year and subsequent years:

  • Water butts in the village – 3 have already been installed, with 2 other locations agreed.
  • Benches in the village centre
  • Refurbish Canal side bed – funding obtained from the Co-op community fund. Planting to commence in the Autumn 2018, now delayed due to awaiting permission from C&RT
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