2018 -May planting

There are two main planting activities that ADAS perform in the village:

  • May planting — this entails taking out the winter and spring planting of bulbs and Pansies over two half days. All the work is done by volunteers from Audlem district and Audlem Cubs and Scouts.
  • October planting — this entails taking out the summer planting and replacing with Pansies and spring flowering bulbs.

    The planting in May 2018 involved planting over 2000 bedding plants and replenishing the tubs and troughs with 34 bags of compost. All the work was done by volunteers over two half days. The spring bulbs are removed with some being planted around the village and some being given to residents.

    In October 2018 the summer planting from the Square was removed by 25 Audlem cubs and scouts and 5 leaders. The Square was emptied of plants in 25 minutes! The remaining summer plants outside of the square were removed by other volunteers. Planting of the 1250 pansies, 800 tulips, 350 Hyacinths and 1250 Crocus' took place over a weekend

    For further details see the Audlem in Bloom page.

    If you would like to volunteer for the October or May planting please contact ADAS on or contact a committee member.