Audlem in Bloom


Audlem in Bloom is a sub-committee of ADAS with responsibility for planting around the village. It was re-formed in 2014 to improve the focus on the planting for the benefit of the village.

Although the main AIB activities are planting in May and October, we also undertake other activities around the village including maintaining 16 permanent flower beds, tidying/cutting back grass verges, deep cleaning around the village centre and clearing leaves from the car park, pavements and roads. We also have projects where we can identify improvements such as installing water butts to ease watering duties during dry spells.

Planting work includes hanging 41 hanging baskets around the village, planting 13 troughs, 38 tubs, 3 welcome to Audlem signs, the courtyard at No 11 Cheshire street, the Priest Hole cafe, BCBM troughs and 3 large flowers beds

We enter the North West in Bloom (NWIB) competition each year and for 2015 through to 2017 have been awarded Silver Gilt. In 2018 and 2019 we won GOLD. Well done to all the volunteers around the village that made this possible and also to the school pupils, staff and parents for their work in the school garden.

In May 2019 we had one Saturday morning taking out winter/spring plants by 20 volunteers and two half days planting over 2000 summer plants as well as erecting the Union flags provide by ASET/Parish Council. All the work was done by volunteers from the Audlem district with 10 or 12 volunteers attending each planting session (not always the same people). The spring bulbs were either planted around the village or given to residents for their own gardens.
The summer planting in 2019 was:

Trixy calibrachoa early sunset
Impatiens Orange
Petunia Indian summer
Gaillardia mesa peach
Begonia F1 golden picotee
Nemesia Banana split
Hibiscus Mahogony Splendour
Begonia Glowing embers
Helychrysum petiolatum gold
Petunia Blackberry
Bidens Bee Alive
Verbena Showboat Burgundy

We chose the plants to help celebrate our 50th anniversary with a gold theme but toned with other colours to give a rich floral display, with the added requirements of drought resistance and being attractive to bees and other insects.

As part of our work we also maintain and, where necessary, replenish 16 flower beds around the village.

If you would like to volunteer to help with planting or would like more information on Audlem in Bloom, please contact ADAS on or speak to a committee member.