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North West In Bloom awards 2022 & 2023

We were awarded Gold again, which makes this four years in a row, excluding 2020 as Covid-19 prevented judging. Not only Gold though, we have been awarded for the second year running the Best Large Village award which considering this award covers Cheshire and Lancashire is a truly amazing achievement.

Judges from North West in Bloom (NWIB) visited us on 13th July 2023. Prior to arriving we sent out our portfolio booklet which gives a detailed description of what Audlem is about especially on the main judging points of Horticulture, Environment and Community. On arrival we gave a short presentation covering these key topics. This is advised as judges visit more than one location in a day so provides a quick memory jog. We hen took the judges on a tour of the village including talks on ADCA by Laura, Turnpike field by Adrian and the Methodist church by Nancy-May.

In 2022 we entered the Cemetery and Turnpike field in the RHS "Its Your Neighbourhood", which encourages communities to make a positive impact on their environment. Both were awarded "outstanding" which is the top award. This year we entered the Methodist church and the Bowling Club with judging taking place on 28th July

Also having been nominated by NWIB to represent the north west in the Britain in Bloom (BIB) finals, a great honour, on the 1st August BIB judges will be with us.

Awards will be presented in October/November

Beavers at work

On the 13th July, the Audlem Beavers group assembled at Emberton place and under the guidance of their leaders, parents and ADAS set to work. The task for the evening was to weed the road gutters and pavements. Great evening was had by all and delighted residents also came out to say thank and donate to the Beavers summer break party.

Artwork and planting under the Beech tree

As well as the two benches under the beech tree next to the Co-op and the artwork, we have now finished the refreshing the gravel, completed the planting and mulched the area. A naming competition by the Scout & Guide groups will be held in September to name the artwork with a £100 prize on offer for the winning entry.

Shroppie Fly Pub Flower beds

Having recently adopted the two car park flower beds we spent 9 hours weeding and preparing the left bed (as you enter the car park). On the 6th July, 4 hours of planting work nearly completed the work but we were waiting for 1 more plant, which has now been planted. The final step with be bulb planting in autumn. Work on the other bed has commenced which presents its own challenges.

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